Clara C Prosecco! Perfect to welcome back you-know-who…

Alright, peoples.  This is going to be hard for me to write.  But I know it will appeal to many of you out there, so here goes…

Hey, everyone!  Football is starting next week!  What could be better than BUBBLES to welcome back your beloved Gamecocks?!  Well, lucky for you this non-football fan is looking out for you!  I’ve got a delicious little bottle of Prosecco that would taste simply delicious while you wait on line for your football tickets… oh, wait, drinking on the street is illegal.  Well, it will taste good the morning of the first football game to get yourself psyched up.  It’s great by itself, but it would mix quite well with fresh OJ for a mimosa.  Are mimosa’s illegal for Gamecock fans?  Seeing as they’re orange?  This is why I’m not a football fan; things like this are very foreign to me.  Perhaps a bloody mary would be more appropriate.  I really don’t know.  I’m trying very hard here.  You can’t possibly understand how little a Yankee like me knows about College football.  In New England, there is only the NFL.  I know it’s tough to imagine, but there really is no such thing as College football anywhere but the South.  I’m not trying to rain on your parade, or for heaven’s sake doubt the importance of the Cocks, but just keep that in mind…


Little Clara here will be at the Wine Sale this Saturday the 29th (12-2) for $12, and we’re also pouring it by the glass here at Cellar right now.  It’s a pretty, delicate wine, with light citrus and green apples on the nose, and a touch of something flowery… honeysuckle, maybe.  Nice amount of bubbles.  I know that sounds like a wierd thing to say about a sparkling wine, but sometimes I find Prosecco’s don’t have quite enough to really make me feel like I’m drinking a sparkling wine.  It’s fairly dry, but not bone-dry.  I think it’s a steal for $12.  And it really would make a perfect mimosa.  Get you some fresh OJ… mmm.  That’s where it’s at.  You could even save Clara for the day AFTER the first game of the season when you need a little “hair-of-the-dog.”  There is really nothing quite like a mimosa with a late morning greasy breakfast to cure a hangover. 

A quick plea before I sign off… remember those home football games you love so much?  Well, we here in the restaurant business TRY to love them… but it’s very hard when it feels like your restaurant gets ditched faster than Jennifer Aniston whenever there’s a game.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t go… goodness, no… just don’t forget about us completely.  Stop in and grab a glass of wine an extra time that week.  We miss you.  Really. 

Hope to see everyone at the sale on Saturday!


Mollydooker “The Boxer” Shiraz, 2008

FYI- this wine is not for the faint of heart!  This is serious stuff, people.  Big and Nasty.  This wine INVENTED big and nasty.  Actually, it would have been Sarah and Sparky Marquis, the winemakers- and their track record has proven that they’re pretty darn good at it, too!  None of their red wines have ever scored below 90 points!  That’s impressive.  Wine Spectator gave this vintage 91 points- I’m anticipating Parker will give it a few more, just cause he’s like that.  Maybe a 94, is my guess.

I’ll be honest.  I was disillusioned with the Mollydooker thing for a while.  The last vintage of Boxer I tried was the 2006, and I thought it was awkward… big and bold, but not balanced enough to pull it off.  It still scored 90 points, but I was turned off to the whole thing.  In fact, I was not even looking forward to trying this new batch of Mollydooker’s, because I was expecting them to be “all bark, but no bite”, if you know what I mean.

Au contraire!  This stuff rocks.  Plain and simple.   It may be a bit over-the-top in style for some of you out there- it’s jammy and rich, so if that’s not your thing, definitely skip it.  But if it IS your thing- for heavens sake, BUY IT.  This wine is bright, fun, spicy, and layered with flavors of  blueberries, pomegranates, vanilla, tobacco, hazelnuts, and sheer POWER.  It’s rich-blooded, smooth and sexy.  For all you Mad Men fans out there… this wine is Don Draper.  He is a man of steel, with his slicked back head of black hair.  He can drink scotch and smoke cigarettes all day and go out and seduce clients all night.  Commanding, and almost forceful.  Just enough to make you want him more.  Look at me, I’m swooning just thinking about Don Draper.  Apologies to anyone who doesn’t watch Mad Men… but you really should start.


There are several Mollydooker wines in stock all over town right now- but look for this cute little left-handed Boxer dude on the bottle to make sure you get The Boxer.  We’ll be selling quite a few of them at the wine sale TODAY (Saturday, the 15th) at Cellar on Greene- there is a Cabernet (The Maitre’D) and a Cab-Shiraz blend (Two Left Feet), all of which we’ll be selling for $26 a bottle!  But TRUST ME- they will not last long, and we only get a certain amount!!  So you must act fast.  I’m typing furiously in an attempt to get this out in time for you to read it and get yourself down to the wine sale to see us!   So, these are my parting words- wine sale.  today.  12-2.  See you there!