Some California wine history you should definitely buy… and why I have been radio silent

Good morning y’all! I’m not going to waste any time:

I just. Don’t. Have. Time. For this.

I haven’t posted on here in over a year and man, does that feel crazy and kind of sad to say, in a way. But I’m being blunt: I just don’t have time. It’s been a wild and crazy first year+ of working in distribution, and it has actually felt good to put this aside for a while, to be honest. I like having one thing to pour myself into, and my brain does actually require a break from wine, when I have down time. Keeps me focused.

But I have had a thought! I would love to be able to update you local Columbia people about where the f*&# I am half the time, whether it’s a tasting or an event or even just to give you a good old fashioned “hey! you need this!” from time to time.

So, Columbians! Reply to this, and I’ll add you to a new newsletter format I’m going to work on. No, I will not bother you every week. I’d say every month is more accurate. Shoot, once November rolls around you’ll likely get more silence. I’m not the most consistent, but I do mean well.

Now! Onto the other item on the agenda: I dusted off my wine writing skills today, and guest-sent the Cellar on Greene Wine Club email, in honor of the very last vintage of a certain wine I’m super fond of being released. I think you should read it, and buy some.

Okay, it’s Shafer Merlot. And Doug Shafer is the most badass m*%&#$%^@*$% I’ve ever met, and I want everyone to get their grubby little paws on a bottle of this if it kills me! Did I mention I work in sales now? (I’m making fun of myself).

Lastly, the other thing I’m going to tell you to do is come to the Cellar Wine Sale this Saturday (8/19) from 12-2! I’m helping out and want to see you before this town pops off with eclipse nonsense. So ready for that to be over. Sorry not sorry?

Buy some wine, email me, inspire me to complete this mailing list idea, come see me, do all the things, and keep being wonderful wine lovers!