Thanksgiving Wine Packs!

Alright, alright… I was absent for two weeks.  In my defense, my computer is having issues, but by sheer determination, I will bring you today’s post because it’s just that important!  It’s THANKSGIVING next week!  And that means Thanksgiving wine packs!  We at Cellar on Greene have prepared not one, not two, but THREE different four-packs of wine for you to choose from!  So without further delay, I present Thanksgiving Pack #1- “The Beginner”! Here they are looking all artsy because I have a cool new photo app…

“The Beginner” includes Conde de Subirats Cava Rose- NV Spain, St. Michael Riesling- 09 Germany, Chime Pinot Noir- 2009 California, and the L’Oca Ciuca “The Drunken Goose” Sangiovese-Merlot-Syrah blend- 2006 Italy. All four of these wines have been IMMENSELY popular in the last few weeks at Cellar.  I’m a huge, massive fan of the Subirats Cava Rose- its pleasantly dry and thirst quenching, but with nice amounts of juicy red fruits- strawberry, raspberry and a lean tight finish.  Fantastic stuff.  The St. Michael Riesling from Germany is a light, racy little Riesling with just the right amount of sweetness and great acidity.  We sold tons of this stuff at last week’s wine sale!  Chime Pinot Noir is nice and delicate smooth, with just the right combination of fruit and light earth.  And many of you will fondly remember the Drunken Goose Sangiovese blend!  We’ve sold cases and cases of this wine in the last several months, and it’s literally the perfect Italian “house” red!  It’s more new world in style, compared to the dry, dusty, tannic Italian reds that many of you distastefully remember.  It’s incredibly smooth and palatable.  An interesting blend of Merlot, Sangiovese and Syrah that really overdelivers for it’s pricetag.  Speaking of pricetags!  This Beginner pack will only run you $38! That’s less than $10 a bottle!  This pack is perfect for bringing to a gathering of family members when you can’t break the bank, and want to bring something a lot cooler than green bean casserole!!

Next, the middle child- “The Wine Lover!”

This one could be my favorite.  It includes Domaine Carneros by Taittinger Brut- 2006 California, Loosen Brothers “Dr. L” Riesling- 2009 Germany, J Pinot Noir- 2007 Russian River Valley, and the Gilles-Robin “Cuvee Papillon” Rhone blend- 2009 France. I’m not sure you could pick four cooler wines to package together!  They’re like the boys from Entourage!  You probably won’t find a better vintage Cali sparkler than this one!  We normally sell it for $24 a bottle, so when you hear the final price on this four-pack, it’ll be a guaranteed shocker.  It’s fresh, with light toasty-yeasty notes and pleasant hints of cherry and lemon, PLUS it got a cool 91 points from Wine Spectator!  The Loosen Brothers “Dr. L” is definitely a customer and staff favorite I really don’t think you can do better than this.  It’s acidity is perfection and it’s fruit content is divine.  Beautiful pear, honeydew melon and peach fuzz.  Sunny and warm like a spring day!  This will be a mah-velous palate cleanser on Thanksgiving!  The acid content will help you recover from almost any rich dish you’re been indulging in.  Likewise, the J Pinot Noir has been immensely popular the last few weeks at Cellar.  Why?  Well, number one it’s good, and number two- we’ve been selling it for $22 a bottle which compared to the average retail/online price of $28-$30 is frigid’ rad!  It’s a gorgeous, sunny, plush, round, fruit-forward expression of the Russian River Valley!  Perfect for any Pinot-lover.  And last but not least, a delicious little Syrah that can be summed up with two words: WHITE. PEPPER!  White pepper, white pepper.  Well, okay- there are also some lovely aromas of violets, plums, prunes and olives.  This is a lighter, springier Rhone red- meant to be drunk young, and perfect with food.  So, you ask- what is the cost for this lovely four pack of perfection?!  Individually these would cost you $24, $13, $22 and $24 respectively, for a grand total of $82.  But, just for you- you can have ’em for $68! That’s a little more than 15% less!  I’m not the most excellent with calculations, so that is the closest I can get.

And last but certainly not least is Pack #3- “The Connoisseur!” This one is not for the faint of heart.

These are some seriously good wines!  And although they’re a bit pricier, you’re still going to be getting a MASSIVE savings of about 25% when you purchase this four-pack!  It includes Billecart Salmon Brut Reserve- NV Champagne, Chehalem Reserve Pinot Gris- 2007 Willamette Valley, Penner-Ash Pinot Noir- 2008 Willamette Valley, and Peter Lehmann “Stonewell” Shiraz- 2004 Barossa Valley Australia.  For anyone unfamiliar with the wonder that is Billecart Salmon- these bubbly’s are some of the best out there.  Their Brut Rose is literally to die for (but it will cost you an arm and a leg, as will their Blanc de Blanc).  The Brut Reserve, on the other hand, is a surprisingly affordable model!  A developed, rich nose of butter and cream, followed by a crisp, crunchy palate with an ultra-fine mousse and notes of white currant, lemon and apple.  French fizz simply don’t get much more delicious than this!  The Chehalem Reserve Pinot Gris is a simply gorgeous Alsatian style wine, and only 700 cases were produced!  This is smooth, polished Pinot Gris with a round, full mouthfeel and hints of lemon, ginger and pear.  It certainly will not disappoint.  Penner-Ash Pinot Noir, 2008 is brand new to SC!  I believe this is the first year, in fact, that they have been available here.  Several of my regulars have been blown away by this wine.  It has a slew of fantastic ratings- 91 Parker, 91 Wine Spectator, and 90 Stephen Tanzer.  Firm and lively, it literally glows with cherry, rose petal, incense, black raspberry, and vanilla.  Long, expressive, layered and exquisite!  And finally, the Peter Lehmann Stonewell Shiraz- or as I like to call it “Mr. T.”  This wine pities the fool that cannot handle its immense intensity, masculinity and density.  A dark palate of chocolate, dark plum, licorice and mint.  This one’s a classic, and many consider the 2004 vintage to be the best in a decade.  It may require smoking a cigar post-drinking so that you can recover.  A perfect ending to the evening.  Now, get this- you can go ahead and google all these wines to see if we’re *really* offering good prices, but I know you won’t be able to beat ’em.  Individually these would cost you about $165- but when you buy the four pack from us- $120!

Here’s an important thing– we *cannot* guarantee walk-in orders on these, especially The Connoisseur pack, because we have limited quantities.  Our E-Wine Club members get priority!  What, you’re not on our e-list??  Well then you’re missing out, and we must change that.  Email us at and just ask to be added, and it’ll be a done deal.  The reason we prefer to do this is, well, it’s easier to keep track of all the different wines we have and what we’re selling- but also it WAY easier for you!  Just email us your order, and as long as you have a credit card on file with us, your wines can be ready in less than 24 hours!  You don’t even have to park your car in our pain in the ass parking lot!  Just pull up by the door- run in- we’ll pull your box- and you’ll be on the way home in no time.  I’m not trying to sound like a salesperson here, but it’s pretty easy and awesome.  So try it!  For many of our regulars, it’s the only way they buy wine and they swear by it.  Happy almost Thanksgiving, and I hope you can enjoy one (or two or three) of these wine packs!

In closing, my wine-blogging assistant wishes you a restful, stress-free holiday season: