Luchador Shir-azz

Sometimes I like to say “Shir-azz,” and pronounce the “azz” like you’re saying “raspberry.”  Just try it- “Shir-aazzz.”  It’s a lot of fun to say.  Now say “Shir-ahhz,” like you’re supposed to.  Not quite as fun.  Now, while we’re still on pronunciations, here’s a quote from the bottle of Luchador Shiraz:

“Luchador (luch-a-door)  Function: noun.  Usage: Spanish word.  1.) fighter.  2.)wrestler.  3.) a wine that will body slam your tounge.” 

True story!  it will, indeed.

Moving on!  Luchador has been a top favorite at Cellar since we opened.  Everyone seems to get a big kick out of the bottle-


The dude on the front’s name is “El Diamante!”  Once again, the bottle gives us a nice little Bio on our friend El Diamante- “El Diamante rubs spicy peppers in his eyes and has had five wives.  The hammerhead is his favorite shark and he loves spooning.” 

I love this!  It’s quirky.  And sometimes, when there is so much emphasis put on packaging and such, the wine isn’t really all that good- but this wine IS!  It’s big and bold, but not overly oaked or heavy or inky.  I find it really difficult to find a Shiraz that I like in this price point ($17 ) because I usually find that they’re all fruit-oak bombs, without a nice core to hold them up.  Luchador has a spicy, exotic nose- with blackberry, blueberry, licorice, light vanilla, and a bit of smoke.  It is big, but not a monstrosity.  It has a nice touch of elegance that makes it really people-friendly.  And it’s MANLY.  I would say this wine reminds me of Russell Crowe- but ONLY when he was in Gladiator… not the scruffy, long-haired, disheveled look he’s been going for lately.  Not a fan. 

We’re currently pouring this By-the-glass at Cellar & Solstice- or you can pick up a bottle to take home for $17.  Wine Advocate gave it 90 points!  Hot damn!  Another 90-point wine.  Enjoy!