One Wine to Rule Them All- Verso Rosso Salento, 2012 Italy

THIS is your big Winter Red!!

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I’m 1000% serious.  This is absolutely THE wine you are gonna fall head over heels for during the chillier months that are upon us.  The best part?  You’ve probably never heard of these grapes.  You might not know how to say Verso or Salento (VAIR-so and sa-LAIN-to).  Heck, you might not have had an Italian wine quite like this before.  But trust me, YOU’RE GONNA FLIP!!

This wine is special for several reasons– first, it comes to us from one of my favorite portfolios, Small Vineyards.  In order to be included in Small Vineyards, the wine must be hand-harvested, from a family-owned estate, and be farmed in an ecologically friendly manner.  Note the word organic is not in use here; in my opinion it’s a bit irrelevant- you can trust that this wine comes from people that really cares about their impact on the environment as well as making the best wine possible, which I trust over a USDA certification eight days a week.

Raisins are tasty.

Raisins are tasty.

Second, this wine is big and sexy for a cool reason; a portion of the grapes (no, I’m not sure which ones) were allowed to “raisin”- which is exactly what it sounds like!  Also known as “appassimento”, it is a process of allowing the grapes to hang out and dry a bit- concentrating their sugars.  It is a labor-intensive process, which results in the reduction of the yield.  A labor of love, I would call it.  So it means they end up with LESS total wine to put into bottles, BUT the wine that results is so rich and flavorful it’ll leave you speechless- and (AND!) it it not weighed down with a high alcohol content!  This wine comes in at a solid 14% abv.  That’s a full 1.5-2 percentage points less than your average Cali Cab, Zin or Shriraz- the typical wines “big red” drinkers tend to like.  Balance, people- balance!  And it means you can drink a bit more of this guy without that thick, heady feeling you get after two glasses of Zinfandel.

Alright, so I got wine-nerdy there for a minute- so let’s get moving with HOW IT TASTES!  Because that’s what’s gonna keep you coming back for bottle after bottle.  But before I forget, this wine is a blend of 60% Negroamarao, 35% Primitivo (aka Zinfandel’s parent grape) and 15% Malvasia Nera.  A giant nose of figs, cloves, anise, vanilla, raisins (go figure), a hint of olives and black peppercorns, a nice lift of dried flowers and red berries and blueberry.  The texture is silky, polished and mouth-coating.  There’s some unique spicing at work here that I can’t quite pinpoint… I want to say it’s Sumac, but I can’t be positive.  It’s taunting me.  The wine finishes with elegance and a tangy little pop.

So I saved the BEST FOR LAST!  This bottle will cost ya just $16!!  

To add to the fun, this wine is available as part of TURKEY PACK #2 at Cellar on Greene this year!  That means you can have it along with three other swell bottles to take to your Thanksgiving feast quickly and effortlessly.  Never heard of a Turkey Pack?  Well, you must click here and check them out.  They’re only our most popular wine club item every year!  Good news is, you can absolutely grab them as a walk-in purchase- it’ll take 2 seconds for us to pack you one.  So you can leave it til last minute, if you’re at all like me!  

Happy Thanksgiving, wine-lovers!


Here’s some more information about our Turkey Wine Packs, complete with pretty pictures!  see below for ordering instructions!

PACK #1– “Good Friends” $43

got good friends?

Good friends- we’ve all got ’em!  Got a lot of ’em?  This pack is perfect and an unbeatable value if you need to stock it up/pack it up/pack it in for your feast.  This group of four will have you drinkin’ well for less than $50.


1 Subirats Cava Rose, NV Spain.  bubbly, fruity and fun, this wine has been at the top of our list of Holiday sparklers for years.  bright red fruits and a zippy finish.  drink it while you cook!!  normal retail $12

1 Loosen Brothers “Dr. L” Riesling, 11 Germany, Mosel.  yet another Cellar go-to wine for years past.  Ernst Loosen really knows what he’s doing with the Loosen Brothers line; the Gewurztraminer and the Pinot Blanc are also amazeballs.  This wine is light, racy, and has a perfect marriage of sweetness and dryness.  normal retail $13

1 Georges Duboeuf Gamay, 10 Beaujolais, Morgon.  like Beaujolais?  I do.  Gamay is one of my all time favorite grapes, hands-down.  It’s extremely expressive, perfect with Fall flavors, easy to drink, difficult to dislike, people-friendly.. the list goes on.  this one is very light and pretty, with notes of fresh sour cherry and dried herbs. normal retail $14

1 Pieza “El Coll” Garnacha, 08 Spain, Calatayud.  we’ve been crushing this wine for a few weeks now, and people can’t seem to get enough of it.  I love it because for an inexpensive Garnacha (of which there are plenty), this one offers a ton of dark, brambly fruit, nice oak and spice, and still finishes clean and with nice acid.  Don’t get much better than that.  normal retail $13

PACK #2- “Great Friends”  $69

your friends ROCK.

Okay, it’s the Holidays, we can all pause for a moment and be thankful for awesome friends!!  or family.  or both!  this pack is a perfect treat for all those you truly appreciate, and will spend the day feasting with.  Or, you could save it all for yourself if you’ll need to be “treated” to get through the day.  Hopefully the former…


1 Gruet Brut Rose, NV New Mexico.  Ohh, this one is slammin’.  And you’d be wise to get up on this particular bottle ASAP- the folks at Gruet are the bomb, but the demand for this wine exceeds the supply, without fail- every single year.  It really is made in New Mexico, and it’s a lean, mean fightin’ machine, with beautiful crisp red fruit and beautiful floral notes. normal retail $16

1 Mar de Frades Albarino, 11 Spain, Rias Baixas. this stuff is TO DIE!  by far the prettiest, silkiest Albarino I’ve had all year.  A nice touch of tropical fruit is met with the characteristic bright citrus Albarino tends to display.  It’s like an Albarino… made by Chuck Norris. normal retail $22

1 Morgan “Twelve Clones” Pinot Noir, 10 California, Santa Lucia.  we got a nice surprise yesterday, when *after* we’d decided to put this wine in this pack, it got named to Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Wines of 2012!  We opened one for this past Saturday’s wine sale, and it went over verrrry well!  it’s everything a Cali Pinot should be; ripe, round and fruit-driven but with fantastic accents of vanilla and spice.  This is one you’ll wanna keep drinking.  normal retail $25.

1 Giant Wine Company “The Ghost of 413” Cab/Merlot/Syrah blend, 09 Washington, Columbia Valley.  a slick little bottle, this wine is very new to South Carolina and packs classic Columbia Valley dark fruit and an uuber-smooth palate.  90% Cab/10% Merlot & Syrah.      very drinkable and not weighed down.  normal retail $19.

PACK #3: Reserve  $175


Alright, so since we’re big ol’ nerds AND we like to sell wine, we HAD to offer a Reserve level pack.  The cool thing is- these bottles would cost you $220 individually, so truth be told, $175 is a total steal even though it’s no small amount of money.

Included (limited quantity):

1 Ruinart Brut Rose, NV Champagne.  sexiest. Champagne. ever.  don’t have to say much else.  you’re missing out on a crucial delicious element of life if you’ve never had this.  you’ll never be the same.  normal retail $80.

1 St. Urbans-Hof Riesling, 10 Germany, Mosel, Bockstein Vineyard.  so, once again- I’m a hardcore Riesling fan, but this one will really open your eyes as to how much depth a Riesling can have.  the soil really shines here, bringing about a really cool element of smoke and slate, met with creamy peaches, elderflower, roses and violets.  normal retail $24

1 Patricia Green Cellars Pinot Noir, 10 Willamette, Balcombe Vineyard.  a teensy-weensy little 7-acre vineyard site produced just 475 cases of this wine.  Patricia Green Cellars are classic Willamette winemakers; a non-interventionalist approach makes for pure, pristine Oregon fruit with aging potential.  deep flavors of plum and coffee are found amongst feminine red fruits.  normal retail $46.

1 Chateau de St. Cosme Cote Rotie, 10 France, Cotes du Rhone.  100% Syrah from suuuper old vines.  a powerful wine with flavors of bacon, smoke, graphite, black pepper, violets, and smoky ash.  only the Rhone could make this wine!  It’s sibling, the 2010 Gigondas, was just named the #2 Wine of the Year by Wine Spectator!  92 Points Parker, 94 Points International Wine Cellar!  normal retail $70.

**important** if you’d like to order a wine pack, please email with which pack (or individual bottle) you’re interested in.  Include a phone number so we can holler at you for your payment info securely over the phone.  orders can be filled relatively quickly, so act now!!  and Happy Thanksgiving!