First Post- Opala Vinho Verde!

Hello everyone!  This is my first official Wine Snob blog entry.  For those of you who know me,  you probably understand the satirical tone behind the title “Wine Snob,” but if you don’t, let me explain: I have racked my brain for weeks trying to think of a title that was witty, creative, original, and conveyed that the purpose of this blog is to undercut Wine Snobbery with some good old fashioned BARGAINS and just plain deliciousness.

I thought and thought.  I asked everyone I knew.  I bothered people about it.  I got annoyed when people gave me dumb title ideas.  Katie-whine-oh?  No.  Glass-Half-Full?  Too unoriginal.  Oh-lingering-Wine?  Um.. NO.  Thanks, Ricky.  You are good for nothing.

So, The Wine Snob it is.  It’s not the best, but it’s to-the-point.  My goal will be to pick at least one wine a week and write a nice little succinct and humorous blurb about it.  I will definintely focus on value- but my objective will not necessarily be to have a wine that costs less than 10 or 15 dollars, but maybe a wine that costs $40 and TASTES like it costs $100!  What is better then THAT?!  Nothing.  I cannot hide my bias for wines that are available at Mr. Friendly’s, Cellar on Greene, or Solstice, but don’t hate me because of it.  Please.

So, with all that as a lead-in, allow me to introduce my first wine pick- Opala Vinho Verde!  Some of you may have sampled this at last weekend’s wine sale, or since then at Cellar where we poured it by-the-glass for a few days until-literally- it was GONE in a few days.  But thankfully, we have more on the way!!  EVERYONE, I do mean everyone, who has tasted this wine has raved about it.


Simply put, this is the absolute BEST summer wine you can ever imagine.  You could drink it by the pool.  You could drink it while you mow the lawn.  Or after… maybe that would be safer.  Drink it on a porch.  Take it to the river or the lake.  I didn’t even know it was possible for a wine to be thirst-quenching, but it IS.  It SO is.  It is spritely, delicate, a little effervescent, light, low in alcohol (9%), with hints of citrus, apples, pears and a lively finish.  This wine is just FUN.  And did I mention that it is $10 a BOTTLE?!  Yes, it’s true.  You just died and went to heaven.

Speaking of heaven, the bottle even looks like heaven.  It’s pretty and floral and ephemeral and sort of dreamy.  I am trying to think of a celebrity to compare this wine to…. Reese Witherspoon!  Likeable, cute, petite, sort of dainty, but not annoying and cheesy like some little blonde petite celebrities.  Of which there are plenty.  Reese has substance, and so does Opala.

Let me add a little background info on Vinho Verde, for anyone who’s interested-  It’s from Portugal, and it means “Green Wine”, the “green” referring to the fact that the grapes are picked young, and it’s meant to be consumed very young as well.  So don’t buy it for your Mom if you think she’s bound to try to save it for a special occasion.  Bad idea.  It’s made out of a bunch of Portugese grapes you’ve never heard of and won’t remember.  And it’s delicious.  In my world, that’s all you need to know.

I hope everyone got a kick out of my first entry!  Stop in to Cellar on Greene and ask for a taste anytime Tuesday-Saturday.  If you mention that I sent you… there’s no tellin’ what will happen, but you will still get to taste the wine… and then some.  And then take a bottle home and park yourself on the porch for the rest of the evening.  I’ll be doing the same.  Cheers!


30 thoughts on “First Post- Opala Vinho Verde!

  1. We were very pleased to know that you have tasted and appreciated our Opala Vinho Verde with such enthusiasm!
    We would like to suggest you to visit our website to know other Borges brands.

    If there is anything you need from Borges or Portuguese Wines please feel free to contact us.

    Best Regards.

    • Thanks for the comment! Our customers continue to love it, and I haven’t tasted a better “August in South Carolina” wine to date!

  2. On a whim, I just bought a bottle of this recently in Central Florida and it is everything you say! I had not read your blog post – just found that this morning – I bought it because it was a reasonably priced Vinho Verde, which I like and they’re rather rare in Orlando (or at least I haven’t found where they keep a bunch in stock). I also bought it because of the pretty floral label – for some reason I thought that would give me a light floral wine.

    Oh wow – it’s everything you say it is! In fact, I was thinking of some of the very terms you say here. I googled the wine today and came up with your blog post. If this was your first post, you hit the nail on the head! Congrats, and since I now see we have a similar accord where whites are concerned, I will read your other blogs and see what you recommend!

    • Hi Shelly! Glad to hear you loved the Opala. it is still a favorite item around here, even in the middle of winter. it is always nice finding a similar palate. let me know if you are ever in South Carolina!

  3. I work at Whole Foods Market in Palm Beach Gardens, FL and we had it on sale for $8.99. I bought a bottle yesterday and I really enjoyed it. A few of these bottle should get me through the hot Florida summer.

  4. i JUST got this from whole foods..the bottle is so beautiful!! AND i have to agree on the reese witherspoon likeness! brilliant! it’s not summer, but i will certainly give it a try!
    nice blog! keep it up you wine snob!

  5. nice blog!
    I will be picking some up to try.
    and at $6.99 at whole foods- I will be getting a few for the summer…

    Chef neil

  6. I just purchased the bottle yesterday at whole foods and popped it open.
    I completely agree. I googled the label because I’m too neurotic to give it the thumbs up on my own.
    I am looking forward to your next suggestion!
    Ps. I am usually on the hunt for a dry white for the end of the day

  7. This wine is great but I am on a food plan. How many calories, carb sugar etc.I would like to indulge.

  8. Christiane, I am a diabetic, maintaining my blood sugar through a semi-strict low-carb diet (almost Atkins, tougher than South Beach). I can tell you that dry whites and reds are OK on my diet provided I have no more than one standard 187ml glass. I have also tested my blood sugar with a monitor after the one glass of dry wine and I find it does not affect it that much. What you should do if you want a glass of wine is to have it along with a protein/fat meal to slow the effects not only of the alcohol but also the glycemic impact of the carbs. Bear in mind that alcohol can sometimes trigger low blood sugar, so if you have trouble with blood sugar (high or low), please drink moderately and while you are with someone.

    Different wines will affect you differently, and it will pay you to know how. I highly recommend the use of a blood sugar monitor while dieting even if you are not a diabetic. Seeing the impact of foods on your blood glucose can give you wonderful insights into how carbs and portion sizes affect your metabolism, and why you feel strange at different times of day because of your food choices.

  9. Neighbor just brought me a bottle from Whole Foods. Lovely opalescent colors in bottle. I immediately looked it up on the internet and found you – being a farm girl from Nebraska I am into having a glass on the ‘back porch’. Will chill it well and invite someone special to join in. Love the “snobbery” taken out of wine – it will ALL taste better now.

  10. A neighbor just came over with a bottle of this wine. Looked up on internet – your website came up first. I was on the deck and held the bottle up to the light – beautiful opalescent hues. Looking forward to a glass ‘on the back porch’. Being an old farm girl from Nebraska – that IS appealing. Thanks for taking the snobbery out of wine – it will ALL taste better now

  11. I bought this lovely, slightly effervescent white after having a sample at the Central Market in Plano, TX.

    I adore its spritely character, that it’s off-dry, just plain delicious, and the fact that it’s inexpensive is just a _bonus_!

    /love the porch wine reference — we call inexpensive, drink-now wines “porch wines” in our wine club
    //the Texas Cork Dorks 🙂

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  14. I just found your blog when looking for the Opala. I was trying to find a good pairing of eats to go with it….some snack foods for a “dinner for two”-style picnic. Any suggestions?

    • Hmm a light picnic with Opala- sounds awesome! A nice salad with citrusy vinaigrette, green apples, goat cheese, salmon cakes?…. Since it’s fizzy something lightly fried would be nice, too- but might not travel well. Just a few thoughts!

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