Las Colinas Garnacha Blanca

Alight, alright.. I guess I shouldn’t be writing about another Spanish white.  You’ve barely gotten the taste of that Martin Codax Albarino out of your tastebuds!  But this little guy is perfection in a glass!  I can’t resist!  Plus, time is of the essence, because you fine readers have a FANTASTIC opportunity to enjoy this wine THIS WEEK at Solstice’s Spanish Wine Dinner on Wednesday night, the 15th!  Plus five other 90-point-plus rated wines, and the Ricky-monster’s cookin, plus the fine company of many of our wonderful wine dinner peeps who have already signed up!


Allow me a momentary plug for our wine dinners at Solstice, if you will… I know you love food.  I know you love wine.  I know you love food and wine together.  Who doesn’t.  But if you’ve never actually sat down and experienced food and wine that has been paired together by someone who knows what they’re doing, it’s really a different breed altogether.  When a food and a wine really “match”, it’s pretty unbelievable.  I’m not trying to sound corny- it’s, like, scientific or something.  It happened to me with an Italian merlot and a really dark chocolate cake a few years ago.  Although, judgements I make while under the influence of chocolate cake are not always to be trusted… With all that being said, we’d love to have you at the wine dinner on Wednesday!

Moving on!  Las Colinas Garnacha Blanca- ohhh, where shall I begin.  You are just fantastic in every way.  I love you in the mid-afternoon… ahem… I mean the early evening when it’s acceptable to begin drinking.  You have such a nice spicy nose, it almost tickles.  You have notes of flowers, melon, white peach, and a little minerality.  Your mouthfeel is a tad on the round side, and you almost remind me of a Viognier, but not quite as full-bodied.  I heart you, Las Colinas.  For-eva.

In case you’re wondering, (not you, Las Colinas, the readers!) Grenache Blanc is it’s own grape, often overshadowed by it’s red older brother, Grenache Noir.  Much like Casey Affleck.  Ben gets all the attention!  But some of us believe Casey to be equally if not more talented, and quite easy on the eyes, to boot.  Ben is no slouch, but in more of a classic, Cary Grant kind of way.  Casey is attractive in an interesting way.  I like that. Anyone agree with me?

Ricky will be serving this on Wednesday with a Cowasee Farms Melon Salad with spiced almonds, crispy serrano ham, and a herb-tarragon-champagne vinaigrette.  YUM!  Check out the full menu by clicking on “Wine Dinner Menus” (I know, that’s a tough one) at  If you can’t make it to the wine dinner, you can grab a glass of Las Colinas at Cellar on Greene for $7, or take a bottle home for $14!  We hope to see ya soon!


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