Don Tiburcio Malbec- a “God among insects!”

Alright, I’m giving myself away, once again, as a huge Dork with a capital D.  While sipping on this wine, I was reminded of the scene in X2, where Magneto tells Pyro he is a “God among insects.  Never let anyone tell you different.”  You might think I am overstating the case just a TAD, considering that we’re only talking about wine.  You would be wrong.  Although I am, at times, prone to exaggeration when it comes to a wine I really enjoy- not. this. time.  !!!

The reason the “insect” part came to mind is because there really are a lot of “insects” when it comes to this price range in South American Wines, in my opinion.  I am too frequently underwhelmed with your average $12- $14 Malbec or Cabernet from South America.  Stylistically, they may just not be my preference, which is fine- but in general I find them too “hot” as some would say.  They try too hard.  Not all of them- granted, I have had a TON of wonderful wine from South America… but for my money, I’d usually rather drink a $14 Spanish red.  Like the Atteca Grenache, for example.  So, whether you think I’m right or not, allow my aforementioned opinion to illustrate just how GOOD this wine is!!


The Wine Advocate gave Don Tiburcio (2005, Mendoza) a cool 90 points!  Need I say more?  This stuff is good, y’all.  It’s not all Malbec-  it has Cab Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Cab in it as well.  Very cool blend.  It’s an extremely expressive wine- it has a lot going on right away, but I also noticed that it became even more expressive after it had been open for an hour or so.  I get a lot of clove and cinnamon on the nose, followed by a nice amount of licorice.  Took me a while to identify the licorice… I kept saying to myself, “It’s something I don’t really like in real life, but I like it right now…”  Licorice.  It has nice freshness, too- black cherries, blueberries, and also a little mocha.  You might think it sounds like a heavy wine, but once in the mouth it has a very pleasant touch of dryness that makes you smack your tounge against the roof of your mouth and say “Damn!”  Or maybe that’s just me… only time will tell. 

We’ll have this wine at the wine sale at Cellar on Greene this Saturday (Sept 12th) for $14.  I know there is a lot going on thie Saturday, especially in the Vista, but please stop in and try this before the Vista thing gets going at 2!  I will plan your perfect Saturday for you- go to the Farmer’s Market at 701 Whaley, then come to the Wine Sale from 12-2, stop in at the Gourmet Shop’s tasting that goes from 2-5, and then make your way to the Vista.  You don’t need to get there right at 2.  It will be a marathon of eating and drinking and fun!  Then you’ll probably need a nap, but I’ll leave that up to you.  Who knew there was SO MUCH fun to be had in Columbia that doesn’t involve FOOTBALL?!  That’s all I am going to say in regards to football this week… I can’t even go there.  See everyone on Saturday!


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