Top Five Wine Sale Picks!

In an effort to keep you readers on your toes, I’m switching it up this week- I will not prattle on about one particular wine that I’m obsessing over that week.  Fun as it may be for me, I recognize that not all of you want to scrutinize details about every wine out there.  Nerds like me enjoy getting verbose and creative, but sometimes you just need the facts: will I like it, and can I afford it.  So that’s what we’ll do today!  I’m hoping to make this a pre-wine sale tradition.

First up is the delicious and quaffable Barone Fini Pinot Grigio, 2009 from Alto Adige, Italy (way way north).  I like this wine for several reasons, number one being that’s is fun to say- you can’t just say “Baron Fini,” you have to exclaim with all the enthusiasm you can muster- “Baron-ah Feenee!” and with the best Italian Grandpa accent you can imitate.  Ricky is quite good at it, and I’m sure if you ask him tomorrow, he’ll say it for you.  Did you know he’s part Italian?  Yes, it’s true.  Shoot!  I forgot I was supposed to be all succinct today!  Getting to the point…

What’s it taste like? This is a worthy contender to the infamous Santa Margarita Pinot Grigio- a more stately, substantial style of Pinot Grigio.  It packs a bit more weight and depth than many of it’s brothers and sisters.  It offers a round texture, with notes of pear, quince, ripe apples, straw, minerality and a lengthy finish.  Not as much citrus as you might find in many Pinot Grigios- it is, for lack of a better term- a wine drinkers Pinot Grigio.

Can you afford it? Mos’ def!  While Santa Margarita averages in the $20 range, you can have the wee Barone here for $14 at the Wine Sale tomorrow!  Can’t beat that!

Next we have a truly gorgeous Italian white from Feudi di San Gregorio, their Lacryma Christi. I love many of the Feudi wines- in true Italian style, they make wine out of grapes you probably haven’t heard of- Falanghina, Greco di Tufo, Aglianico, Fiano, etc.  I tasted the Lacryma for the first time last night having no idea what grape it was… my best guess was a Falanghina/Trebbiano combination (and, okay I admit it- I guessed Trebbiano because it’s a widely planted grape, not because I really had a clue).  But I was 20% right!  This is a blend of 80% Coda di Volpe (how’s THAT for a grape you’ve never heard of?) and 20% Falanghina.  But it is 100% fantastic!

What’s it taste like? A pretty, floral nose of white peaches, apricots and citrus peel, a crisp palate, and way-too-elegant-for-it’s-price-range finish.  So Can You Afford it?? Absolutely!  This wine comes in at a killer $13 a bottle! I love it!

One last white- the Foris Gewurztraminer, 2007 Oregon.  Never heard of Gewurztraminer?  Or as I like to call it, Guh-wurtz?  It’s a cool little grape.  It likes cool climates, so you’ll often see it from Alsace, Northern Italy, Germany, and of course Oregon and Washington.  It has a naturally high sugar content which means it can also be made into a delicious dessert wine.  It’s one of the most aromatic white wines you’ll find- notes of spice, with lychee, rose petal, and passionfruit.  Despite all it’s sweet tendenceies, this is an off-dry wine with fantastic acidity and just the right amount of fruitiness and hints of ginger.  Gewurz is often hailed as a perfect Thanksgiving wine because not only does it get along well with all fall flavors, it’s a nice light palate cleanser for your feast.  Yes, it’s only October… but it doesn’t hurt to get some ideas! 

Can you afford it?  But of course.  Foris is just $10!  Holla!

Moving on to some REDS!  I’ve mentioned this wine before (see here) but it really is that good, and we’re moving it at a killer price break this weekend!  Fat Barrel Pinot Noir, 2007 Willamette Valley.  It’s a great expression of Willamette at a great price- light cranberry, raspberry, toast, light oak and a Burgundian “demure” personality that I find quite pleasing.  It’s true to it’s nature, which is becoming more of an issue in Pinot Noir Nerd land.  More on that here.  Sooo… YES you can afford to drink a great bottle of Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, because this Saturday it’s down to $17 a bottle!


Well this has already turned must more wordy than I anticipated, so we’ll finish up with the last wine, which I just tasted and am pretty sure will sell like hot cakes tomorrow- the Tamas “Double Decker” Red, 2008 California.  How do I know this?  Wellll based on my observation, we always sell out of juicy, mouth-filling, fruit-forward little Cali Red Blends that cost around $10.  It’s just what people (at least OUR people) like- I call it “Tuesday” wine- wine you don’t feel guilty opening on a Tuesday night when you’re on the couch watching TV and eating frozen pizza and doing your nails… or something like that.  This is a cool blend of Cabernet, Petite Sirah and Barbera.  It’s neutral oak content gives it a nice medium body, notes of blackberry, plum, black cherry and overall an adventurous spirit.  Plus the label is attractive which never hurts! 

Can you afford it?  You might have learned, now that you’re at the end of this post, that I tried not to write about any wines that were high-priced today, so YES- Double Decker Red is only $9!  As Stump would say, “Alll-riiight!”    Hoping to see many of you at the WINE SALE tomorrow, October 2nd from 12-2 in your favorite corner of Greene St!  Drop in, pick up a couple bottles, then off you go to the Annual Chili Cookoff that also takes place tomorrow- one of my favorite Five Points events!


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