About Me

In a nutshell, I’m a ginger and a wine nerd. The restaurant business is where I got my start in Food & Beverage, beginning in high school as a dishwasher and shortly thereafter, a salad b*@#$. I did bother going to college, but always had my hand in a restaurant or two along the way. Eventually ending up in Columbia, SC in 2005, I finally discovered wine. I took to it pretty instantly and had a couple of great role models to school me. The Wine Snob was born in 2010, as I made my way to management and wanted a way to reach customers and engage them with wine in a fun and non-pretentious way. From 2006-2014, I was General Manager/Wine Buyer for a small restaurant group in Columbia. They’re pretty cool- you should check them out here and here and here.

In November of 2014, I transplanted myself to Oregon’s wine country, after falling in love with Oregon wine at OPC in 2013. I worked for Beaux Fréres Winery for just over a year, before the South and a job with Advintage Distributing called me back to Columbia, SC. Now I roam the mean streets, selling wine and craft beer, while still trying to find time to blog and freelance. Life is busy and glorious.

What else would you like to know about me? I love The Wire and will preach The Wire gospel whenever I get the chance. My favorite cities are NYC and San Francisco. I am something of a motorhead. I don’t care much for high heels. Is that enough?


8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I have been bitten by the wine bug. Finished my Advanced throught the WSET and will be starting Diploma of Wine and Spirits next year. I am origionally from Pittsburgh, PA but now live in Florence, SC and plan on visiting your place in Columbia. Love the blog. People like yourself are an inspiration for me. Started a blog and website, I think more for me than anyone else. http://www.winewired.com. Thanks for your time.

  2. Hey, you and I both share both a love and obsession for Orin Swift wines. Was reading your review of your D66. I’m about to open the D66 tonight and put it up on my blog http://www.WetCork.com tomorrow. Check out what I have to say about it once I crack her open. TTL 🙂 Scott

    • Sorry to just now get to replying! Checked out your post. Also liked your top 10 wines of 2012, the Illahe Pinot was also one of my tops. What did you think of the F-1 compared to the E-1? Cheers!

    • Hey there! Yes it’s been a while. I am still with Advintage. Apologies but I don’t know this email address so I’m not sure who you are!

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